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If you have a MAC, you must purchase DVDs rather than video on demand. Before purchasing the video on demand, please click the link below to test your system's compatibility. Please note that the video on demand only plays in Microsoft Internet Explorer Web Browser with Windows Media Player. It is important that you test your system for compatibility before you proceed. Please do not purchase Video on Demand if you have a dial-up connection or if your system is not compatible. Presentations are available on DVD.

To test your system:

  1. Click the "Test System Compatibility" link below. This should launch the Media Player Window.
  2. View the brief test presentation.
  3. Close the Media Player Window.
  4. If the test succeeds, click the navigation link you will see to return to this page.
    If the test fails, click the navigation link you will see for assistance.
  5. If your system is not compatible, please purchase the presentations DVD.

The Internet Explorer Browser and Windows Media Player are free and available for most computers - please visit the Help & FAQ area for instructions on obtaining these products if you don't already have them.

We strongly suggest that you view the Help & FAQ section of this Web site before you get started, but here's an overview of the steps you'll take to use this site:

  1. Test your system for compatibility before your proceed
  2. Register & set your password - This allows the system to organize your purchases and keep track of your completions
  3. Log in at the prompt, or, if returning after you have registered, click the "Log In" link at the top of this page
    • Your User Name is your email address
    • Your Password is whatever you have set it to be
  4. Go to the "Purchase Presentations" page to see the available presentations and purchase the ones you wish to view
    • Payment transactions are handled through Verisign's Secure Payment System
    • Visa & MasterCard are accepted
  5. Return to the home page to see the list of your purchased presentations and, if you have purchased the presentations as Video on Demand (VOD), to view them
    • Presentations are each approximately one hour long
    • You may view (download) each VOD presentation four times per purchase
  6. If you have purchased DVDs, they will arrive in about 10 days
  7. After viewing each presentation, you must complete the appropriate quiz and survey in order to receive credit.
  8. Use of this site is subject to our Terms of Use

We hope that you find our Training Presentations to be helpful and informative.