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General Use and Navigation
I have a MAC. Are the video on demand trainings compatible?
If you have a MAC, you must purchase DVDs rather than video on demand. Before purchasing the video on demand, please click the link below to test your system's compatibility. Please note that the video on demand only plays in Microsoft Internet Explorer Web Browser with Windows Media Player. It is important that you test your system for compatibility before you proceed. Please do not purchase Video on Demand if you have a dial-up connection or if your system is not compatible. Presentations are available on DVD.

What are the Hardware and Software requirements for the use of this Web site?
A recent version of the Microsoft Internet Explorer Web Browser with Windows Media Player, a broadband (high-speed - cable, DSL, etc.) internet connection, and a reasonably-modern computer are REQUIRED for the viewing of the online video presentations. We urge you to perform the compatibility test on this site's home page prior to making any purchases. Additional information on system requirements, hardware, software and compatibility is available in the Technical Information section below.

All other users should purchase the video presentations on DVD.

How does this Web site work?
The site is designed to allow you to purchase video presentations, see a list of the presentations you have purchased, view them at your leisure, and accrue credit for the presentations that you view. These are the steps you will take:
  1. Test your system for compatibility
  2. Register & set your password - This allows the system to organize your purchases and keep track of your completions
  3. Log in at the prompt, or, if returning after you have registered, click the "Log In" link at the top of the Home page
    • Your User Name is your email address
    • Your Password is whatever you have set it to be
  4. Once you have logged in, you will see a list of presentations you have already purchased (if any)
  5. Go to the "Purchase Presentations" page to see the available presentations and purchase the ones you wish to view
    • You may order presentations for viewing online, on a DVD (will arrive in about 10 days), or a combination
    • Payment transactions are handled through Verisign's Secure Payment System
    • Visa & MasterCard are accepted
    • Presentations are each approximately one hour long
    • You may view (download) each online presentation four times per purchase
  6. Your use of this site is subject to its Terms of Use

What, exactly, counts as a "View" of an online presentation?
When you are within the My Presentations page and you click a link to View a Presentation, that counts as a view. You may take this action four times per purchased presentation.

Can I stop/rewind/restart the presentation without it being counted as another view?
Yes. When you click the link to View a Presentation, the Windows Media Player is launched, the video file begins to download, and the presentation begins to play. As long as you don't close the Media Player, you can pause, stop, start, rewind, fast-forward, or replay the presenation as much as you like without it counting as another view.

The diagram below indicates the functions and locations of the Media Player controls. Please note that you should wait for the download to complete before attempting to use any of these controls other than the "Pause/Play" button.

How can I download a presentation to my computer for viewing at a later time?
Presentations cannot be downloaded for viewing at a later time. Attempts to do so are in violation of the Terms of Use of this site. Please consider ordering the presentation(s) on DVD.
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Technical Information (Computer Hardware, Software, Troubleshooting)

What are the general System Requirements for the viewing of online presentations via this Web site?
A reasonably-modern computer with compatible software and a broadband (high-speed - cable, DSL, etc.) Internet connection are required. These are the minimum system requirements for a PC computer:
  • Pentium II (P2) Processor
  • 512 MB ram
  • Minimum of 500 MB available disk space - you should have several GB available for proper performance
  • Windows XP (Home, Pro or Media edition); Windows ME; Windows 98-R2
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) browser, Version 5 - 8 (the current release version is 8)
  • Windows Media Player (WMV), Version 8 through 12 (the current release version is 12)

I have a Mac - can I view the presentations?
Mac users are encouraged to order the presentations on DVD. However, if your Mac has the MSIE browser and Windows Media Player software, you can view the presentations. Many Macs that were delivered prior to 2005 have this software, and many Mac owners downloaded and installed these products on their own. Unfortunately, as of January 31st, 2006, Internet Explorer for the Mac is no longer available for download from Microsoft.

I have a PC with MSIE and WMV, but the versions are too old. Where can I get updated versions.
Updated versions, if available for your computer, can be downloaded and installed from Microsoft:
  • Go to
  • Close any open programs and disable your anti-virus software
  • Click to allow Microsoft to check your computer for available updates
  • From the "Available Updates" list, accept the updates to Internet Explorer and Media Player (but Do Not Accept an update to Media Player v11 Beta)
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the updates

I can view the test presentation without any problems, but the purchased presentation(s) is choppy when I try to view it (skips and jumps, stops and starts, voice becomes out-of-synch with the video). What's the problem?
These problems are related to your computer's ability to handle the speed and/or size of the file being transferred and are caused by one or more of these conditions:

  1. Your Internet connection is too slow.
    • Please remember that dial-up connections are not suitable and will not work under any circumstance.
    • If you are on a DSL connection that is far from a service node, try waiting until an off-peak time.
  2. Your computer's processor is too slow, or you don't have enough memory, or you don't have sufficient available disk space.
    • See the System Requirements above
  3. Your browser cache is full or too small. If you are certain that the problem is not related to system requirements and you are sure that you have sufficient available disk space, follow these steps (within Internet Explorer) to purge and enlarge your browser cache:
    • Click Tools > Internet Options
    • Under the "General" tab, in the "Temporary Internet Files" area, click the "Delete Files..." button, check the box to "Delete Offline Content," and then click the OK button. Wait for the operation to finish.
    • Still under the "General" tab, in the "Temporary Internet Files" area, click the "Settings..." button. Under "Amount of Disk Space to Use," make sure the setting is al least 943 MB.
    • Click the "OK" button(s) to accept the changes and exit the settings area.

On some systems, provided that the problem is NOT that you are on a dial-up connection AND you are sure that you have plenty of available disk space, you may still be able to view the presentation successfully by using the "Pause During Transfer" method - this allows you to download the entire presentation file before playing it. Please refer to this diagram and follow the instructions below:

Pause During Transfer method:

  1. Start the presentation. Wait until the video starts to play.
  2. Click the "Pause/Play" button.
  3. Watch the "Download Progress Indicator" - it will lengthen as the download progresses and will disappear when the download is complete.
  4. After the download is fully complete, click the "Stop" button. This will rewind the presentation to the beginning and prepare it for viewing.
  5. Click the "Play" button.
If you still cannot get the presentations to play properly, please consider ordering the DVDs.
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Registration, Security, Privacy, and Passwords

Why must I register?
Your registration is necessary for organizing your purchases, keeping track of your available presentation views, and providing completion credit for the presentations you view. You must complete the registration before you can purchase or view presentations.

Why must I log in?
Logging in lets the system know who you are, which is necessary for organizing your purchases, keeping track of your available presentation views, and providing completion credit for the presentations you view.

How do I log in?
After you have registered, please log in by clicking the "Log In" link at the top of the Home Page.
  • Your User Name is your email address
  • Your Password is whatever you have set it to be
If you attempt to go to the "Purchase Presentations" or "My Presentations" page before logging in you will be prompted for your User Name and Password.

How do I update my registration information?
You can update your information (address, phone number, etc.) at any time by following this procedure:
  1. Be sure that you are logged-in
  2. Click the link to the Registration page - the form will contain your current information
  3. Modify your information by typing over what's already there
  4. Submit the form

How do I update my e-mail address?
Your email address can only be changed by our site administrator. Please contact us by email to during business hours (Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. CT).

How do I change my password?
You can change your password at any time by following this procedure:
  1. Be sure that you are logged-in
  2. Click the link to the Registration page - the form will contain your current information
  3. Modify your password typing over the dots in the two password fields
  4. Submit the form
Note that if you change your password you will be required to log in again before you can purchase or view presentations.

I lost/cannot remember my password - what should I do?
Click the "Forgot Password" link in the navigation area, enter your email address where indicated (must be the email address with which you registered), and click the "Submit" button. Your password will be sent immediately to the registration email address.

What is Gladney's privacy policy regarding the personal information that is required for registration?
Any personal information that you provide will be held confidential and will not be distributed or made available to any person, company, organization, or group outside the Gladney Center for Adoption or our Web site administrator, except that "blind" data may from time-to-time be provided to outside organizations for statistical or other evaluative purposes.

How is access to my information controlled?
Access is controlled by use of your unique user name and password. Each user is allowed to see only his/her own personal information. As long as you do not share your password, only you, necessary Gladney Staff, and our Web site administrator can access your information.

Is my credit card information stored on Gladney's server (or otherwise by Gladney)?
Gladney does not receive, see, or have access to your credit card information that you provide for your purchases via this Web site - we only receive transaction advice. The form into which you enter your credit card information is located within VeriSign's secure payment gateway. We suggest that you click the "Verify" seal within the VeriSign area for added safety.

Is my information safe? Is the Web site hacker-proof?
No Web site is 100% hacker proof, but rest assured that Gladney and our Internet developers have employed the latest security technologies and taken every reasonable step to prevent unauthorized access. It would take extraordinary amounts of knowledge, skill, time, and desire to gain unauthorized access to your information. Nonetheless, both Gladney and our Internet developers are committed to applying additional security technologies as they become available. In addition, our Internet developers do constantly monitor the site for unauthorized access attempts.

It is thousand of times more likely that a person would obtain your personal information by traditional means (going through your trash and finding a bank statement, etc.) than by hacking into the site.

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